Value Mixers is a fast growing faucets manufacturer established to be one of the market leaders of the faucets and fitting industry in Egypt . In a short time Value succeeded to cover wide range of ceramic and sanitary ware showrooms around Egypt, and to gain its customers trust because of its featured quality and its customer care.


Producing high end faucets & fittings matching global quality standards is our core value which is reflected on materials used and manufacturing process. We aim to provide Egyptian market with high end, healthy & water saving faucets in the same quality of the global market leader in faucets industry.


Water is one of the Rarest and Most Precious valuable resources on our planet. The demand for water worldwide is Increasing because of Population Growth and modern lifestyle of developed countries. Faced with Shortage of water, the right way to act is try to Consume Less and better to Ensure this Resource to all, today and tomorrow.

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