Novara brings easy function and sleek style into any bathroom, combining single-handle control with modern design to create an eye-catching faucet that complements any bathroom décor.


With their stylish shaped outlines, Milano faucets complement both classic and contemporary decor. This bathroom sink faucet has a single handle marked with red and blue indicators for easy control of water temperature.


With its fashionable curves and smooth, simple lines, the Livorno faucet collection brings sophisticated styling to your bathroom. The single lever handle offers easy control of both water volume and temperature.


With clean lines and rounded features, the contemporary Padova single-handle faucet draws inspiration from modern design. Its sleek look helps create a clutter-free, easy-to-clean bathroom atmosphere.


With sleek, smooth curves inspired by nature, the Verona faucet collection displays a self-assured simplicity. Intended to deliver unique quality, the Verona collection features simple design lines that complement a wide range of decor.


Bring a charming, simple design to the bathroom with Lazio faucets. This Lazio bathroom sink faucet is equipped with a single handle marked with red and blue indicators for easy control of water temperature


Palermo faucets bring a touch of elegance and luxury to the bathroom. With a simple curved single-lever handle, this Palermo sink faucet offers a graceful design that fits a wide variety of bathroom patterns and styles.


Napoli faucets combine simple, architectural forms with sensual design lines. Introducing this modern, minimalist style, this Napoli bathroom sink faucet has a single, curved lever handle.